Mayflower Central, 2009

A New Direction project

I worked with teachers and pupils at Mayflower Primary School, in Tower Hamlets, London to support them in realising some of their change school objectives as part of A New Direction’s learning programme. Whilst investigating Tudor life during designated curriculum study, Y3/4 pupils participated in a series of weekly workshops I devised to develop their creative learning and literacy skills. As part of their research into Tudor London we visited the Geffrye Museum, Hampton Court and the Museum in Docklands, and took a boat trip from the Houses of Parliament to the Tower of London. The children became photographers, designers, researchers, scriptwriters and presenters, and worked as a team to produce Our Landmarks About the Tudors – an audio-guided walk from their classroom at Mayflower Primary School to the Tudor Bridge on the first floor of the Museum in Docklands.