Soit droit fait come est desire (Let it be done as it is desired), 2015

Houses of Parliament Commission

I was commissioned by the Houses of Parliament, along with eight other contemporary visual artists to produce two new works as part of 2015, Parliament in the Making. I used specific material from the Parliamentary Archives to make incisive, graphic works for the year-long exhibition in Westminster Hall: ‘The Beginnings of that Freedome’. I wanted to illustrate something of the complex historical narratives that surround the two Acts I was invited to explore.

Soit droit fait come est desire (Let it be done as it is desired) comprises the original Petition of Right and an abridged, contemporary translation. I wanted to illustrate this key but lesser known parliamentary event through the meanings inherent in typography designs. Historically, typefaces have been utilised in print to demonstrate ‘which political side you are on.’ With this in mind, I reproduced a facsimile of the original serif Petition of Right; a 17th century print of Charles I’s trial; and a laser cut, contemporary translation of the Petition in the sans serif Helvetica typeface. The laser cut text sits above the Roundheads who were demanding rights for the common man, whilst the Cavaliers who pledged allegiance to the King are exposed.

Gifted by the Houses of Parliament to Brunel University, London

2015, Parliament in the Making archive