I have zoned in on the o in Once and the o in Upon because Imogen mentioned it, and circles, and Tracie mentioned that momentousness is upon us, and now I can’t stop noticing the circles in all the words I have just written, which brings me to the my love of and the power of language, how I’m always collecting words and how they do not always suffice, how we need to embody life sometimes rather than just talk about it, or are we always embodying it anyways even if we are jabbering on and on? or maybe it’s just me doing the jabbering on and on! I need words either way, they sometimes formulate and organise themselves of their own accord and give me the essence of feelings I have been trying to articulate, I think I might prefer writing to speaking, the look of words are as important as the pronunciation, the hearing is less powerful sometimes than the scribing, I’m rereading Love in the Time of Cholera after a recent exchange brought it to my attention again and I’m astounded by Gabriela Garcia Marquez’s skill in joining words together to make the most beautiful, strange and heart breaking images, who would be without books, not just books, also the writers of the books; books raised me and raise me still, I’ve stopped writing and glanced out the window to the rooftops but I could just as easily be in the harbour that has just been described in the last paragraph of the book (see above) and I’m amazed, not for the first time this week, about the power of the present, disintegrating every other moment so that I am… (for the first time I ran out of time!)