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the middling sort

I wonder about the arrogance of some of the middle class thinking they’ve got living right whilst covertly and sometimes overtly mocking/pitying/lamenting everyone else, there are many ways to be a good human on the planet and the ‘western’ have stuff/own stuff is not the only way


all other people are allowed to consider their present circumstances in relation to past traumas but not the people of African descent, instead for us it is always: that was ages ago, you’ve got a chip on your shoulder

the emotional damage this has caused us

in it together

who put white men in charge of humanity….

oh yeah, they did

like I said consciously incompetent, we’ve been here for way too long


do you remember when cultural organisations confidently and enthusiastically declared a climate emergency… can we have a declaration for the supremacist emergency now please


So, my brilliant friend and lockdown angel Akila Richards and I have been talking a lot about how to manage the bombardment of questions and demands of us now that everyone has finally woken up to the fact that our lives matter and that we have been robbed of so much because a significant portion of the global population deemed themselves better than us. Below is what we have – our new, practical strategy, always easily accessible on our phones, graded based on the attitude of/relationship to the person doing the asking:


One, two or three, pick one:

1. the bird

2. “I don’t got the time, I’m on my trampoline, this is my time” Amanda Seales

3. “Between stimulus and response there is a space” Viktor Frankl


unconsciously incompetent, the old normal, we are done with this now, no excuses

consciously incompetent, we’ve been here for way too long

consciously competent, this is gonna take a lot of hard work for years and years

unconsciously competent, the new future normal

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