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word collecting

impoverished lothario carelessness is dangerous


whenever I listen to BBC Radio 4 someone always says something that just grates, so today it was something about ‘minorities’, I swear this word is going to cause me to do something I’ll regret

why the hell are some white people, quite a lot of them actually, defining themselves (in word and or deed) as the majority with such ease, what do you call yourselves if you’re in a room full of the ‘minority’? Maybe this has never happened to these people, maybe that’s where the assuredness and assumption comes from… Try it, try that out, see how that works out for you…

As a wise, wise friend said yesterday: this, all this is “high level fuckery”

the middling sort

I wonder about the arrogance of some of the middle class thinking they’ve got living right whilst covertly and sometimes overtly mocking/pitying/lamenting everyone else, there are many ways to be a good human on the planet and the ‘western’ have stuff/own stuff is not the only way

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