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joined up thinking

ever seen these words together in a sentence: black + fragility, white + ethnic minority…

EXACTLY, that’s how insidious this shit is

all lives matter…

…to the people who keep lingering at the back, this is precisely the point, all lives do matter, so why do us the melaninated keep getting treated as if our lives don’t matter… Discuss.

we all know…

…from past experience that there is going to be a point when white people will start saying: ‘why do you keep going on and on about being black’ ‘okay can you stop going on about being black now, you’re making me feel uncomfortable’; and I can guarantee that all the organisations who took part in #blackouttuesday who didn’t really pay attention before George Floyd got murdered in front of our eyes are saying: ‘okay, so when will it be okay to start posting our stuff again’ ‘will tomorrow be too soon’ and my answer to that question is this: actually, only when supremacism has been eradicated and us the melaninated are free to live the carefree, privileged and protected lives you do

Let’s not forget

supremacism has been the biggest crime against humanity



changing the narrative

after watching Simon Frederick in conversation with Jay Blades on Instagram and Simon saying we need a new word for what people do to us (along the spectrum, see previous post) from saying “but you’re lovely” (1) to kneeling on our necks and killing us in front of an audience (100), I have been thinking about this all night…

…maybe we need to swap racism for supremacism: an ideology which holds that a certain class of people is superior to others, and that it should be or is entitled to dominate, control, subjugate, and/or eliminate others according to Wikipedia

I am not the explainer

for the people who ask what can I do, I know I am not a racist, this is the last thing I’ll say: dig deep into the dark places of yourself (Jane Elliott and Brene Brown will help you) because what you do and say now is not necessarily what you did and said when you were 8 or 12 or 19, it might be guilt and shame you are concealing from yourself; this is very, very difficult work but if you believe in a completely anti-racist world this is the work that needs to be done to change society; you have also been gaslighted

radical kindness

privileged white women – your words – please stop sharing how you feel with me, I cannot be expected to hold your emotions as well as my own, your #iamnotok is not the same as my I am not okay, I hope you understand why I am telling you this, and believe me when I tell you it takes courage to write these words

#dothework #jamesbaldwin #renieddolodge #brenebrown #janeelliott

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