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So, my brilliant friend and lockdown angel Akila Richards and I have been talking a lot about how to manage the bombardment of questions and demands of us now that everyone has finally woken up to the fact that our lives matter and that we have been robbed of so much because a significant portion of the global population deemed themselves better than us. Below is what we have – our new, practical strategy, always easily accessible on our phones, graded based on the attitude of/relationship to the person doing the asking:


One, two or three, pick one:

1. the bird

2. “I don’t got the time, I’m on my trampoline, this is my time” Amanda Seales

3. “Between stimulus and response there is a space” Viktor Frankl


unconsciously incompetent, the old normal, we are done with this now, no excuses

consciously incompetent, we’ve been here for way too long

consciously competent, this is gonna take a lot of hard work for years and years

unconsciously competent, the new future normal

positive force


(…and possibly the best hairdo on the planet)

Scott Woods

“The problem is that white people see racism as conscious hate, when racism is bigger than that. Racism is a complex system of social and political levers and pulleys set up generations ago to continue working on the behalf of whites at other people’s expense, whether whites know/like it or not. Racism is an insidious cultural disease. It is so insidious that it doesn’t care if you are a white person who likes black people; it’s still going to find a way to infect how you deal with people who don’t look like you. Yes, racism looks like hate, but hate is just one manifestation. Privilege is another. Access is another. Ignorance is another. Apathy is another. And so on. So while I agree with people who say no one is born racist, it remains a powerful system that we’re immediately born into. It’s like being born into air: you take it in as soon as you breathe. It’s not a cold that you can get over. There is no anti-racist certification class. It’s a set of socioeconomic traps and cultural values that are fired up every time we interact with the world. It is a thing you have to keep scooping out of the boat of your life to keep from drowning in it. I know it’s hard work, but it’s the price you pay for owning everything.”



…we all know what needs to be done just bloody get on with it!

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