window is a blog Maria Amidu started writing in January 2015. It is a repository for her random musings on significant and insignificant things…

#”busybeingequal” (MA)

deleting “the third question” (EJ) from our psyches, and “removing the need to ask for permission” (LGC) from the “mean” (S) – possibly/probably both definitions – of society

“name calling”

stop defining us, stop categorising us, stop pointing, stop calling us things, stop expecting us to call ourselves things, just stop othering us, why on earth do these distinctions need to be made in the first place – that, all that was the old paradigm and we all knew it was bullshit then

word collecting

all this is not an agenda item for you to attach words to in a meeting, this is people’s actual lived experiences

“life went for the jugular”